16. Oct. 2017

"Gas is a bridge to nowhere: only renewables serve the common interest"

Tomorrow, the European Commission will come together with national representatives in Brussels for a final meeting to agree on the 3rd EU list of energy ‘Projects of Common Interests’ (the so called ‘PCI List’)*. These PCIs are key energy infrastructure projects that aim to create an integrated EU energy market. Very worryingly, about 55 gas projects could get the financial support of the EU. For the Greens, there is not such thing as gas as a 'bridge fuel'. Here is why...


09. Oct. 2017 blog

The energy package has huge potential to help all citizens to gain access to green energy... provided that we take the right decisions

Almost one year ago, the European Commission presented its “clean energy for all Europeans” package. The Greens/EFA group wants to make sure that citizens are truly put centre stage, so that the name of this big legislative work does not remain a slogan but actually materialises in access to sustainable energy...  

27. Sep. 2017 blog

Greens MEP Benedek Javor on the climate fight over our forests

Benedek Javor is a Green Hungarian MEP. He has been working on a key file in the European Parliament on Climate change, the so-called ‘Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry' regulation, a key part of the European energy and climate policy framework for 2030. In this interview, he explains the importance of forests in the fight against climate change but also the challenges when it comes to ensuring that they continue to be able to help us decreasing our emissions....  

20. Sep. 2017 blog

Greens/ EFA group launches an ambitious political roadmap for the EU to respect the objectives of the Paris Agreement

The Greens/EFA group is the first political family in the European Parliament to have a concrete, scientifically-based and transparent roadmap to ensure the EU respects its commitments under the Paris Agreement to reduce its carbon emissions, and limit global warming to well below 2 degrees. It presented its 'Vision Scenario' to the press on 20th September...  


12. Oct. 2017 webtools

Big polluters have no place writing climate policy! - Interview with Max ANDERSSON

Last October, ahead of the vote on the next Climate negotiations that will take place in Bonn early November, the Greens managed to get the European Parliament to take a positive position on vested interests and conflicting interests within climate policy. This is a very first step that goes in the right direction to prevent dirty lobbies' influence on decisions made on energy and climate issues. Green MEP Max Andersson tells us a bit more on how things happened behind the scenes and what they next steps will be...  

18. Jul. 2016 studies

Alternative and Sustainable Energy Scenarios for Hungary

The Greens / European Free Alliance Group of the European Parliament contracted Wuppertal Institut für Klima Umwelt Energie together with Energiaklub to develop scientifically sound, comprehensive, alternative, and sustainable long term energy scenarios for Hungary with a time horizon of 2030 and 2050.  

14. Jul. 2016 studies

A Completely Renewable Future: Communication Toolkit

This briefing provides a set of words, phrases, narratives and short paragraphs that can be used to put a convincing and engaging case that “100% renewables” and “zero carbon” are feasible in Europe by 2050. The language is designed to appeal to Greens but also reach across the political centre ground, including social democrats, centrists and the centre right. People with these political perspectives may be convinced climate change is a threat, but still doubt the economy could be run without fossil fuels and nuclear.