Climate Policies must benefit both the planet and women's rights

Climate change and its impacts are by no means gender neutral. In many communities around the world, womenˇ¦ˇ¦s responsibilities in the family and the historical discrimination that they have faced, make them more vulnerable to environmental change.  These cultural, traditional and social limitations imposed on women and enhanced by changes to the environment are exacerbated further by the impact of climate change.

Due to gendered roles, women's impact on the environment is not the same as men's. Their access to resources and ways to cope and adapt are severely affected by discrimination in terms of income, access to resources, political power, education and household responsibility. Climate policies should take this into account, to benefit both our planet and women's rights.

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- Download more information on Women and climate change (link to this page: http://www.stopclimatechange.net/index.php?id=320 )