13. Feb. 2013

For a bright, sustainable future

A Green way out of the crisis entails a comprehensive economic and social transformation that enables our societies to deliver prosperity, social justice and well being for all, while respecting the physical limits of our planet. This means promoting investment in order to transform our infrastructure and industries, boost education and innovation, strengthen social cohesion and protect our environment as well as our climate.


The Green Way Out Of The Crisis

16. Nov. 2016 blog

COP22: A new era for the EU-Africa cooperation in the energy field?

Helping Africa accelerating its energy transition is indispensable while climate negotiations are on-going in Marrakech. As 16 November is the so-called ・・Africa day・・ at COP 22, several options are on the table to put energy efficiency, renewables and grid development in focus.  

14. Jul. 2016 studies

A Completely Renewable Future: Communication Toolkit

This briefing provides a set of words, phrases, narratives and short paragraphs that can be used to put a convincing and engaging case that ・・100% renewables・・ and ・・zero carbon・・ are feasible in Europe by 2050. The language is designed to appeal to Greens but also reach across the political centre ground, including social democrats, centrists and the centre right. People with these political perspectives may be convinced climate change is a threat, but still doubt the economy could be run without fossil fuels and nuclear.  

19. Feb. 2014 newsletter



04. Jun. 2013 blog

UN climate talks in Bonn. What role for the EU at the negotiation table?

Yesterday, negotiators reconvened in Bonn for another round of technical climate discussions that will last until 14th June. This time the key talking points of the meeting will focus on climate mitigation as well as on proposals on how to scale up renewable energy and energy efficiency policies...