11. Mar. 2014 webtools

11.03.2011 - Remember Fukushima

Three years have gone since the accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant on 11th March 2011. Yet, the problems are very far from been solved and the neighborhoods are still bearing the scars of the earthquake and tsunami. Clearly, the world must learn lessons from the Fukushima catastrophe. The Greens demand that the EU turn its back to this dangerous and expensive energy source as quickly as possible and invest in renewable energy sources instead...  

22. Apr. 2013 webtools

22 April - 10.30 - Press conference: Rescuing EU climate policy and emissions trading

With EU environment ministers set to meet on Monday in Dublin, this press conference will address the implications of the parliament's vote for the emissions trading scheme and EU climate policy, and the necessary political decisions that must now be taken to rescue it.  

25. Mar. 2013 webtools

The truth about the EU nuclear stress tests

As a reaction to the Fukushima catastrophe the EU performed stress tests to find out how safe the nuclear power plants in the EU are. Now, two years on we have the reports, but have our nuclear power plants gotten any safer? Do we actually know how safe our nuclear reactors are?  

09. Nov. 2011 webtools

The Green Race

A fun, informative and interactive tool showing which countries have already taken the lead in renewable energies. Bet on your favourite country and get an overview of the climate policies, research investments and green technologies development of other countries