Climate justice for all!

Climate change is already affecting those least responsible for climate change and who also are the most vulnerable to its effects. A changing climate makes the daily lives of the poorest people even harder: droughts and floods are becoming increasingly frequent while growing seasons are more and more unpredictable. The survival of many communities is clearly at risk.

For the Greens/EFA group, the most vulnerable regions must get the appropriate support for climate mitigation and adaptation. Efforts to integrate climate change mitigation and adaptation into the development process must ensure that the most vulnerable groups are central to the rapidly expanding climate change agenda. At the same time, future international climate change regimes must be built on principles of equity, deliver dramatic carbon reductions, shift to green development pathways and provide funding mechanisms that reach the most vulnerable people.

Climate change is also posing new challenges for which the international community will need to respond in the most suitable way. Indeed, climate change and environmental degradation have had a significant impact on population movements worldwide. If the EU is willing to play a key role at the international climate discussions it will also need to be prepared to provide the most appropriate answers to the complex issues emerging around the issue of climate migration, both within and outside of its borders.