02. Sep. 2016 blog

G20 Summit: the time to turn rhetoric into practice

G20 matters for energy and climate. That is why íŽíŽ alongside global growth and strengthened financial systems íŽíŽ Green Finance, fossil fuel subsidies and the Paris Agreement need to be key to the discussions at the G20 Summit on the 4th and 5th of September.  

10. Jan. 2013 blog

No, climate change does not spare the richer countries....

Some decision-makers from the richest countries often seem to believe that whatever turns the climate will take, the world will always find a way to adapt to the changes. But the recent natural catastrophes in the US, Australia and in Europe shows that this is far from being so simple, even for those regions which have the means to invest in research and development, technologies and infrastructure....  

04. Dec. 2012 blog

From mitigation and adaptation to loss and damage

Day 9. COP18. Ministers and some heads of state have now arrived and the high-level segment of the conference has started. The Greens/EFA encourage the EU leaders to come with concrete action and clear financial pledges so Europe can show to the most vulnerable countries that it is serious about the promises it made in the past.  

18. Apr. 2012 blog

RIO +20 - the Future we REALLY want

This year, the Earth Summit will take place from 20-22nd June. Although the Greens acknowledge that progress towards sustainable development has been made since the Rio Summit 20 years ago, they warn that considerable implementation gaps remain and that many commitments by the international community have not yet been met...