20. Jan. 2015

Energy giant Repsol abandons oil and gas exploration in Canary Island waters!

Last Friday energy giant Repsol announced that it was putting an end to its oil and gas exploration in Canary Island waters, saying that reserves are too small and of too poor quality. The Greens - who have supported the local resistance groups against drilling in this region- will continue their advocacy work for this important cause, pressing the European Commission to take a clear stand and move towards an EU-wide ban of such projects in the future, in the Canary islands and elsewhere.


14. Jan. 2015 blog

A Green European Energy Union: A strong common project & vision for the EU

In 2015, energy is one of the most pressing issues Europe must face. Europe´s ageing fossil energy system and infrastructure can no longer be maintained, for competitiveness, environmental and safety reasons. Today´s new economic, energy dependency, climate change democratic and social challenges all require new solutions...  

09. Jan. 2015 blog

Pretending to "fight" against global warming while investing in fracking and nuclear: total nonsense!

The UK Government - which has often proclaimed itself to be a leading country in the fight against climate change - recently published a non-paper on a European Energy Union, calling for a future Energy Union which would allow the country to develop its pro-nuclear, pro-shale gas and pro-CCS agenda. The words "shale gas" appear nine times in eight pages, in three of the five pillars of the energy union...  

14. Dec. 2014 blog

COP20 - The final hours…

The climate summit in Lima will probably probably continue until Sunday. Last night the poorer countries expressed too many objections to the draft ADP text, which will be the text that will have to be agreed upon at the climate summit in 2015 in Paris.