14. Dec. 2014

COP20 - The final hours…

The climate summit in Lima will probably probably continue until Sunday. Last night the poorer countries expressed too many objections to the draft ADP text, which will be the text that will have to be agreed upon at the climate summit in 2015 in Paris.


12. Dec. 2014 blog

COP20: Success in Paris next year will depend on the agreement in Lima

We are now quickly approaching the end of the COP20. While it is clear that negotiators will be able to strike some kind of deal in Lima, it is important to underline the importance of making serious good progress on all these three elements: the draft text agreement for the 2015 agreement, the ADP decision on INDCs and a agreement on a pre-2020 work plan to close the mitigation gap.  

11. Dec. 2014 blog

Let’s stop subsidizing the past!

Richest states promised to phase out fossil fuel in 2009 and reinterred their promise last year. However, the various reports on the subject compiled by NGOs, think tanks or banks cannot be clearer: only very little has been done at national level. If the world is serious about agreeing on a climate deal that will limit global warming well below 2°C it is about time for action.  

10. Dec. 2014 blog

Climate March in Lima: Citizens are on the move, but what about our climate negotiators?

Next year Paris cannot and should not be Copenhagen, neither in the expectations, in the preparation process nor in the mobilisations. As we are in the middle of the political segment of COP20, a new large-scale citizen mobilisation is taking place today to remind our negotiators on the emergency to act but also to show them that a growing number of people is now pushing for the transition to a green economy. So what exactly are our Heads of States and governments waiting for?