25. Feb. 2015

Energy and Climate Union: The EU should be bolder and more innovative and invest massively into its potential and its people!

Today the European Commission presented its communication on the Energy and Climate Union. The Green group in the European Parliament regret that the proposal continues supporting the energy sources of the past, which are expensive, dangerous and extremely harmful for our environment and for our climate ...


13. Feb. 2015 blog

Climate: Let’s use our money wisely! Let’s divest!

Despite that some constructive proposals have been put forward at the new round of climate negotiations that is currently taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, a growing number of citizens are getting tired of these never ending talks. This is the reason why some citizens and businessmen have decided to take the lead themselves and are now calling for divestment...  

10. Feb. 2015 blog

Climate negotiations / Geneva - the phase out of fossil fuel emissions & phase in of 100% renewable energy by 2050 should be the long-term goal of 2015 agreement

The clock is ticking for the negotiators who need to agree on an ambitious deal in Paris at the end of the year. Last Sunday, a new round of international climate negotiations started in Geneva, Switzerland, and will last until Friday 13th February. Negotiators have only six days to narrow down the 38-page text agreed in Lima into a shorter and clearer legal negotiating text.  

30. Jan. 2015 blog

The OECD negotiations must turn away from the most polluting source of energy and ban all support to coal fired power plants.

On 30th January the Greens took the initiative, supported by colleagues from other political groups, to write to the European Commission demanding that the EU puts an end to public subsidies in the form of export credits for coal fired power plants...  


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