International Climate Negotiations

11. Dec. 2017 blog

One Planet Summit - Money should only be used to support renewable energy sources

Following the COP23 and its new alliance, Powering Past Coal, signed by 25 entities to ensure the phasing out of coal from power generation by 2030, the goal of concrete, imminent action against global warming is being pursued in Paris at the One Planet Summit, on 12 December. The Greens urge leaders to turn away from all fossil fuels and support green energy sources...  

05. Dec. 2017 blog

Beyond coal - a sustainable alternative for Europe’s citizens

after the big announcement at COP23 of the creation of the “Powering Past Coal” Alliance, one could think that the phase out of coal is now clearly ongoing. Unfortunately there is always a risk to see these plans undermined and the Greens are working hard to ensure that all initiatives at EU level go in the right direction to ensure that coal regions in Europe and their inhabitants get the support they need and that all actors (miners and their families, local and regional representatives) are on board when it comes to deciding about their future.  

17. Nov. 2017 blog

Climate negotiations looking for strong leadership

We are now approaching the final hours of this 23rd round of negotiations. And despite what was initially thought, final outcomes are still hard to predict and the negotiations will not finish on Friday early evening as most participants had thought...  

14. Nov. 2017 blog

COP23: Where does Europe really stand?

Now that the US has decided to step out of the Paris climate agreement, the EU has an ever bigger responsibility in the fight against climate change. Europe must reclaim the mantle of world leader on the issue, but is it really doing so?  

13. Nov. 2017 blog

#COP23: Women must have a bigger role in tackling the climate crisis

Issues of gender and climate change are important to this year’s COP. Indeed, COP23 presidents Fiji have a delegation made up of almost 50% women, a figure that would put many developed countries to shame. They have made clear several times that they want to make gender issues one of the big priorities at COP23. Several initiatives have been launched to continue raising awareness and pursuing dialogue on a subject that is too often marginalized.  

09. Nov. 2017 blog

Political manoeuvring to avoid serious discussion on conflicts of interest in climate policy at COP23 Climate negotiations

A COP23, there is currently a heated debate ongoing about the need to prevent dirty energy companies from disproportionately influencing and watering down climate policy. The subject of conflict of interests is gaining more and more visibility and several actors are trying to undermine the issue... However, our political group has joined forces together with NGOs and the “G77 group” of States to reaffirm the importance of protecting the goal of the Paris Agreement, which is to limit global warming well below 2°C. .  

06. Nov. 2017 blog

COP23 - A little less conversation, a little more Climate action please!

This week sees the beginning of another crucial round of International climate negotiations. This year, the COP will take place for two weeks from the 6th to the 17th of November and will be chaired for the first time by a Small Island Developing State, Fiji Islands, in Bonn, Germany. Once again, thousands of delegates, heads of governments, NGOs, business representatives and experts of all sorts will meet to try and make progress on the goal agreed upon two years ago in Paris at COP21, to limit global warming to safe levels, well below 2 degrees Celsius. The UNEP Emission Gap Report published a few days ago shows that with the current countries’ pledges we are only on track to limit global warming by 3°C by 2100.. Needless to say that there is quite some urgent work to be done by the negotiators...  

12. Oct. 2017 webtools

Big polluters have no place writing climate policy! - Interview with Max ANDERSSON

Last October, ahead of the vote on the next Climate negotiations that will take place in Bonn early November, the Greens managed to get the European Parliament to take a positive position on vested interests and conflicting interests within climate policy. This is a very first step that goes in the right direction to prevent dirty lobbies' influence on decisions made on energy and climate issues. Green MEP Max Andersson tells us a bit more on how things happened behind the scenes and what they next steps will be...  

27. Sep. 2017 blog

Greens MEP Benedek Javor on the climate fight over our forests

Benedek Javor is a Green Hungarian MEP. He has been working on a key file in the European Parliament on Climate change, the so-called ‘Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry' regulation, a key part of the European energy and climate policy framework for 2030. In this interview, he explains the importance of forests in the fight against climate change but also the challenges when it comes to ensuring that they continue to be able to help us decreasing our emissions....  

20. Sep. 2017 blog

Greens/ EFA group launches an ambitious political roadmap for the EU to respect the objectives of the Paris Agreement

The Greens/EFA group is the first political family in the European Parliament to have a concrete, scientifically-based and transparent roadmap to ensure the EU respects its commitments under the Paris Agreement to reduce its carbon emissions, and limit global warming to well below 2 degrees. It presented its 'Vision Scenario' to the press on 20th September...  

26. Jun. 2017 blog

A chance for EU ministers to deliver on the Paris Agreement: the Energy Efficiency legislation

Today EU Energy ministers will meet to discuss a crucial file of the Energy Package: the Energy Efficiency Directive. The Greens urge EU Energy Ministers to raise their ambition on this particular legislation, as not only it is key for Europe to respect its commitments to the Paris Agreement, but energy efficiency also because offers numerous benefits to all of us.  

18. May. 2017 blog

In just a few days, at the next G7 meeting in Taormina, Sicily, on 27/28th May, all eyes will be on newly elected French President Macron. With worrying signals coming from the Trump administration and the failure from G7 energy ministers to agree on a joint statement on climate in rome some times ago, the pressure on the young President to ensure the swift implementation of the Paris Agreement is immense....  

09. May. 2017 blog

Ensuring transparency, balanced participation and ethical decision-making in the UNFCCC

This week kicks off the intersessional climate change conference in Bonn, Germany. Every year, negotiators and technical experts meet to chisel out the next steps in global climate policy. But who exactly is present in these discussions? Is this space really free from the fossil fuel lobby? Unfortunately this is not yet the case....  

18. Nov. 2016 blog

End of COP22: start of an unstoppable transition

After two thrilling weeks, COP22 is coming to an end. This COP started celebrating last year’s major change in global attitudes towards climate change, which led to the early entry into force of the Paris Agreement. Today, we can confirm it: the momentum is just growing.  

17. Nov. 2016 blog

COP22: 2050, the direction of the boat's course

Early action to combat climate change is essential. The urgency of climate change is uncontested and we all know that we don’t have any longer much time to waste. A barely perceived change in the direction of a boat’s course can change dramatically its final destination over a long enough period of time. However, long-term strategies are not less important. Any good plan needs a North Star to follow, a direction to take in order to guide immediate action: the reassurance that we are on the right path.  

15. Nov. 2016 blog

COP22: Words are good. Financing is better

Heads of state and ministers from all over the globe have arrived to Marrakech this morning. They have come among other things to attend a high-level meeting that will take place tomorrow in Marrakech and will possibly be one of the most important discussions of COP22: a dialogue about climate finance and the $100 billion roadmap.  

14. Nov. 2016 blog

COP22: EU, don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today

Today, the second week of COP22 has started. The real economy is proving to move faster than politics and early action is demonstrating to be vital to accomplish what we committed to in the Paris Agreement. 2018 is the perfect time to improve and revise all national commitments and review ambition before countries submit their final commitments for the implementation of the Paris Agreement.  

07. Nov. 2016 blog

Start of COP22: a day to celebrate

The last year has seen a major change in global attitudes towards climate change and how to tackle it. This change started after the Paris Agreement - the first globally binding agreement to fight climate change - was reached in December 2015. Today, COP22 kicks off in Marrakesh, Morocco. COP22 is the time to start turning words into action and to build upon what was agreed in Paris last year.  

12. Oct. 2016 blog

F-gas regulation proves environmental policy does make a difference

In 2013, Green Member of the European Parliament Bas Eickhout co-authored European legislation to reduce the use of F-gases, extremely powerful greenhouse gases. His legislation is probably the most ambitious climate legislation the EU has adopted in recent years. Recent research shows that the legislation has had a positive effect on the green economy in Europe, in contradiction to warnings by lobbyists, and now the legislation is copied across the world.  

27. Sep. 2016 blog

Planes need to stop existing in a parallel universe when it comes to the climate fight

Curbing flight emissions is essential to meeting the Paris pact, but planes are completely absent from the text, face no legal fuel efficiency requirements or limits on CO2 emissions. But all that is about to change