14. Apr. 2016 blog

No special treatment for polluters: EU Council in Amsterdam needs to reign in emissions from aviation and shipping

Today and tomorrow EU environment and transport ministers hold a joint meeting to follow-up on the Paris Climate Conference (COP21), and discuss the future of aviation and shipping. Ahead of this meeting, the Greens in the European Parliament warn that the current proposals from both the aviation and maritime sectors to reduce their emissions fall far short of their fair share of efforts towards the global climate goals that world leaders agreed in Paris last December...  

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11. Sep. 2013 blog

The EU must stop fuelling climate change and hunger

This lunctime the Parliament is to vote on the 'Indirect Land Use Change' (ILUC) report. Several years ago, agrofuels were presented as an adequate solution to limit the negative climate impacts of the transport sector. However, many scientific reports have shown that the climate impacts from ILUC can vary substantially between feedstocks and can negate all of the greenhouse gas savings of agrofuels relative to the fossil fuels they replace. The Greens warn about necessity to properly address the challenge...  

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16. Apr. 2013 newsletter

Issue 63- April

New EU climate and energy package: The Greens call for three ambitious binding targets +++ Parliament vote in favour of strengthening GHG emissions accounting and reporting - rules +++ Nuclear Stress Tests: How safe are our nuclear plants now? +++ Climate change increases the risks of flying +++ French wine more pricey +++ US: School children will receive lessons on climate change for the first time +++ "Sandy" taken out of list of hurricane names  

28. Oct. 2012 studies

The True Costs of Automobility

The report analyses the external costs of car use within the EU-27 by evaluating the existing literature in the field and developing a database from these figures. No own field research has been carried out for the preparation of this report; all input data has been published and discussed previously.  

10. Jul. 2012 blog

New fuel-efficient European cars: better cars that consume less fuel!

The European Commission is tomorrow expected to present a proposal on how Europe could reach the 95g/km emissions limit for new cars sold in the EU in 2020. The Greens, who had criticized the legislation adopted in 2008 for its lack of ambition, hope that the 2020 limit will be strengthened...  

14. Feb. 2012 blog

Aviation/ international: the EU must convince of the fairness of including the sector into the ETS

Today the EU/ China summit was held in China. There were many items which the Greens had called on to be discussed with the Chinese leadership, including aviation and the EU ETS  

12. Jan. 2012 blog

Aviation sector in the EU ETS: Stand Firm! EU institutions must enforce their laws

The EU law requiring the inclusion of aviation into the EU ETS continues to be challenged by third countries but the EU must stand firm on this crucial piece of legislation!  

15. Jun. 2011 blog

Urban mobility: Move green!

With the growth in population, the living environment in European cities and urban transportation have become real challenges but solutions exist. The Greens have decided to encourage the European Parliament, a major actor on the world scene in fighting against climate change, to set a good example.  

28. Oct. 2009 studies


With this revised and updated version of this brochure we Greens want to demonstrate how we can be mobile without damaging the climate. Our three-pronged approach is reduction, modal shift and efficiency