Main Studies

28. Jul. 2012 studies

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2012

The report provides a global overview of the history, the current status and trends of nuclear power programs in the world. It looks at units in operation and under construction. Annex 1 also provides detailed country-by-country information. A specific chapter assesses the situation in potential newcomer countries. For the first time, the report looks at the credit-rating performance of some of the major nuclear companies and utilities. A more detailed chapter on the development patterns of renewable energies versus nuclear power is also included  

28. Oct. 2011 studies

The European “Stress test” for Nuclear Power Plants

The first part of this study considers and analyses the “Stress test” specifications of the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) for nuclear power plants in Europe. These “specifications” are the basis for the current investigations of the operators and the nuclear authorities of the member states. This study asks how far these investigations meet the requirement of the EU Council for a comprehensive risk assessment of the European Nuclear Power Plants (NPP). The second part of this study recommends measures to compensate the deficits discovered through the analysis in part one.  

01. Jan. 2011 studies

The Vision Scenario for the European Union 2011 Update for the EU-27

The Vision Scenario represents a pathway which consistently combines short- and medium-term objectives with the long-term objectives. Furthermore it is in line with the greenhouse gas emission budget, which could allow the increase of the global mean temperature to be kept to a level below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels  

28. Oct. 2009 studies


With this revised and updated version of this brochure we Greens want to demonstrate how we can be mobile without damaging the climate. Our three-pronged approach is reduction, modal shift and efficiency