17. Nov. 2009 blog

Copenhagen climate talks to be a cop out?

Any remaining hope that the UN climate talks in Copenhagen this December could produce a sufficient and binding deal is now gone. What now?  

10. Nov. 2009 blog

Old-fashioned power choices not the answer for our energy and climate future

New analysis from the IEA and the electricity lobby envisages a central role for nuclear and coal-fired power for the future. This old-fashioned analysis is a recipe for disaster...  

04. Nov. 2009 blog

Vans to get easy ride on emissions under EU Commission proposals

The EU Commission has watered down a legislative proposal aimed at limiting CO2 emissions from vans and light trucks, evoking memories of last year`s car emissions debacle...  

26. Oct. 2009 blog

Will the European summit reclaim EU climate leadership?

Climate change will be at the top of the agenda for EU leaders at this week`s summit in Brussels. An ambitious EU negotiating position could reignite the UN climate talks...  

19. Oct. 2009 blog

Crunch time as EU prepares to finalise position for UN climate summit

Environment and finance ministers meet to discuss EU climate policy, a week before a key summit of EU leaders. MEPs have set the tone by adopting a strong resolution...  

14. Oct. 2009 blog

Sayonara Kyoto...but what next?

The US seems to have succeeded in killing off the Kyoto Protocol in the UN climate negotiations. However, what are the alternatives...  

07. Oct. 2009 blog

Broad exemptions for industry would undermine emissions trading scheme

The European Parliament is considering proposals from the EU Commission to grant exemptions to a high proportion of industries covered by the emissions trading scheme...  

29. Sep. 2009 blog

EU carbon price under threat but Commission comes out fighting

The ECJ has dealt a blow to the EU`s emissions trading scheme but the Commission is determined to defend the scheme, while also outlining plans for a carbon tax...  

23. Sep. 2009 blog

`Little steps` at UN summit are no `jump start` for Copenhagen climate deal

A one-day UN summit on climate change led to grandiose statements from world leaders but it will take more than rhetoric to revive the stalling UN climate talks...  

16. Sep. 2009 blog

Falling car emissions drive home lack of ambition EU legislation

New EU figures on CO2 emissions from car manufacturers show that average emissions are falling. But what does this really say about the recently-agreed EU legislation?  

09. Sep. 2009 blog

Climate finance bargain bonanza: EU gives itself a great deal

The European Commission is set to propose a bargain deal for the EU on climate financing for developing countries. By shirking its responsibility it is endangering a climate deal...  

02. Sep. 2009 blog

An annual warm front: EU emissions data and hot air

The EU`s annual greenhouse gas emissions data has, as usual, been given a hugely positive spin by the Commission, but what is the reality?  

25. Aug. 2009 blog

15 days to the UN climate summit in Copenhagen and counting!

With so little negotiating time left to finalise a draft agreement in time for the UN climate summit in Copenhagen, is it still feasible?  

15. Jul. 2009 blog

Overcoming climate inertia and sharing the emissions reductions effort

Much of the EU`s self-proclaimed climate policy success is hot air. All rich countries need to stop posturing and concretely decide how to share their emissions reduction efforts...  

07. Jul. 2009 blog

G8 set to disappoint on progressing climate talks

Hopes are not high that this week`s meeting of major economies, on the fringes of the G8 summit in Italy, will make any progress in moving forward UN climate talks...  

30. Jun. 2009 blog

Where the Swedish EU presidency stands on climate change

The new Swedish presidency of the EU has listed climate change as one of its top priorities in the run into Copenhagen. But is it the real deal or just more bluster?  

23. Jun. 2009 blog

Seat of new international renewables agency a statement of intent

The location of a new international agency for renewable energy is about to be decided but there are concerns that basing it in Abu Dhabi could undermine the body...  

15. Jun. 2009 blog

Progress elusive as clock ticks for UN climate deal

The latest UN climate talks ended with little concrete progress. Meanwhile, the June EU summit is set to continue the trend of buck-passing on firming up the EU negotiating position...  

09. Jun. 2009 blog

Ending the free ride by airlines and shipping on climate change

Proposals at UN climate talks for a global tax on aviation and shipping fuel have been rebuffed by the industries. But we need to end their special position and curb their growing emissions...  

26. May. 2009 blog

Germany and climate change - a fallen angel

The past 18 months have seen a complete role reversal for Germany: from a world leader on climate policy to the bad boy of the EU. Merkel`s policies continue to undermine EU climate efforts...