16. Feb. 2010 blog

Wrong approach on biofuels risks undoing climate policy advances

Leaks from the EU Commission underline real concerns about the negative impacts of agro-fuels. Emerging EU rules on these fuels must be transparent and clearly exclude any damaging fuels...  

10. Feb. 2010 blog

Push for electric cars should not gloss over flaws in EU car emissions laws

The Spanish EU presidency has launched a push for an EU electric car plan. A key part of any plan should be to resolve the major flaws and loopholes in the existing EU legislation on car emissions...  

03. Feb. 2010 blog

EU won`t reclaim climate leadership with accounting tricks and dated pledges

EU climate inertia continues: Having just submitted an unchanged pledge to the Copenhagen Accord, the EU is now preparing accounting tricks to recycle existing development aid as climate aid...  

27. Jan. 2010 blog

Renewable energy policy success shows need for more ambitious targets

EU member states are well on track towards meeting their renewable energy targets. Combined with greater than expected emissions declines in other sectors, this underlines the need for stronger renewables and emissions targets...  

19. Jan. 2010 blog

Strengthening EU emissions targets must remain top priority

The proposed step up to a 30% emissions reduction target was again postponed by EU environment ministers. Stepping up to the 30% is only a starting point for the EU to reengage with the world though...  

11. Jan. 2010 blog

Putting global climate policy back on track and the role of the EU

4 weeks since Copenhagen, the future of global climate policy remains unclear. The new EU presidency and climate commissioner must start picking up the pieces and re-establish the EU`s place in the process...  

21. Dec. 2009 blog

Beyond Copenhagen: where to for global climate action?

The dust has yet to settle following Saturday`s disappointing outcome to the UN climate summit in Copenhagen but one thing is clear: it cannot be the end of the road. Where to from here?  

19. Dec. 2009 blog

Copenhagen climate talks fall far short of even limited expectations

UN climate talks drew to a close on Saturday morning falling massively short of hopes. A planned political declaration has been consigned to a footnote...  

19. Dec. 2009 blog

Outcome of Copenhagen still uncertain as talks turn more acrimonious

US President Obama left the UN climate summit after an agreement with a select number of states on political declaration. However, the outcome of the summit is in doubt…  

18. Dec. 2009 blog

Rumour mill in overdrive as climate talks drag on in Copenhagen

After 12 hours of unabated rumours, the climate talks remain stalemated, with high level talks behind closed doors. We seem to be at all or nothing stage…  

18. Dec. 2009 blog

Finishing straight for Copenhagen climate talks but who will be the real winner?

Progress has been made overnight – although gaps still remain for deal. Obama has arrived with his trademark hope but will he deliver more than the world’s greatest greenwash?  

17. Dec. 2009 blog

Climate talks way off target, as nuts and bolts negotiations underway

Leaked documents from the UNFCCC estimated the UN talks are setting the course for dangerous warming. Meanwhile, the climate talks are finally starting to sort out the open details…  

17. Dec. 2009 blog

Now or never for climate deal at Copenhagen

US president Obama is set to throw his hat in the ring but China has further dampened expectations for a climate deal at Copenhagen. Can Obama give the necessary boost for a deal?  

16. Dec. 2009 blog

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose – UN climate talks switch to leaders

UN climate talks got a new president, new top negotiators, with world leaders rolling into town, and new doubts over the treaty text. All key issues in the talks remain up in the air though…  

15. Dec. 2009 blog

Climate talks go high-level but time running out for meaningful deal

The baton is about to be passed to the ministers and heads of state but most of the problem areas remain unresolved. The big players need to make big moves on the big issues to avoid failure…  

14. Dec. 2009 blog

Copenhagen crisis as developing countries put their feet down

Talks at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen were again suspended, as developing countries insisted their demands to continue the Kyoto protocol not be ignored…  

11. Dec. 2009 blog

EU persistence with climate leadership claims borders on embarrassing

EU leaders have again failed to make progress on their key climate pledges at this week`s EU summit. Continued claims to be the climate leader in this context is embarrassing and hypocritical...  

09. Dec. 2009 blog

Proposed loopholes for emissions from land use and forestry loo-lah

EU countries want serious loopholes in how emissions from land use and forestry (LULUCF) are accounted. This could seriously undermine the environmental effectiveness of a UN climate deal...  

06. Dec. 2009 blog

Copenhagen: the end of the road map?

As the long-awaited UN climate talks kick-off in Copenhagen, much doubt remains as to the potential outcome. What can we realistically hope for?  

25. Nov. 2009 blog

EU big talk on Copenhagen must be followed up by big steps

Key EU figures are talking up the prospects for the UN climate talks in Copenhagen, as well as the EU`s role for a strong deal. A big step by the EU would do more than words...