COP20 - The final hours����/h2>

The climate summit in Lima will probably probably continue until Sunday. Last night the poorer countries expressed too many objections to the draft ADP text, which will be the text that will have to be agreed upon at the climate summit in 2015 in Paris. More negotiation time was given, in order to try and reach a consensus early in the night. However, no agreement could be found at 3am and the President decided to allow more time. The discussions resumed at 10 am this morning.

The draft ADP text was discussed for almost 3 hours. Without much surprise, the poorer states spoke out against the text. The African Union wanted a different text, the Arab countries found it insufficient. Many regretted the lack of serious commitment on climate finance and loss and damage. On the other hand, the US, Europe, Russia, and othet progressive countries like Switzerland - and even the Marshall Islands - wanted to move forward with the process and agree with the text���� Unfortunately the divide was far too big and no agreement could be found in the ADP process. The President - Peruvian Environment Minister Vidal - has therefore taken care of the negotiations and conclude the summit.

Vidal has been organising bilateral meetings with all parties to try and reach an agreement on the text, which needs to be accepted by all parties. This is likely to take some hours. Even the catering service has been asked to be on duty till tomorrow 7 pm����/span>