Greens/ EFA group launches an ambitious political roadmap for the EU to respect the objectives of the Paris Agreement

The Greens/EFA group presented their updated vision scenario, carried out by Felix Mattes from the ├ľko Institut (*), at a press conference on Wednesday 20th September.

The Green/EFA group is the first political family in the European Parliament to have a concrete, scientifically-based and transparent roadmap to ensure the EU respects its commitments under the Paris Agreement to reduce its carbon emissions, and limit global warming to well below 2 degrees.  

This roadmap - based on the carbon budget approach - is an important tool to advocate for the necessary changes to the "2030 energy and climate package" presented by EU Commission at the end of 2016. The package is currently being negotiated between the European Parliament and the 28 EU Member States. 

The decisions that will be made at EU level in the months leading up to the COP24 in Poland will be decisive. Indeed, at the international negotiations next year all parties will need to come back with more ambitious plans to reduce their emissions. The EU must therefore agree on a solid and clear plan that will enable it to fully decarbonise its economy by 2050, based on renewable energy sources. For the time being, its current objectives for 2030 and its long term goal for 2050 are NOT "Paris compatible" and will have to be reviewed if the EU as a whole wants to be credible on the international stage. 

These decisions are of utmost importance for EU citizens. Boosting renewables, reinventing our transport sector and modernising our economy in the best sustainable way will only come with benefits. Imagine cleaner air in all European cities, more comfortable houses and offices, new business opportunities and business models that can finally be rolled out in full.

Everywhere in Europe one can witness strong demands from a growing number of people to move towards a greener economy that provides the solutions to the real challenges of today. With the current negotiations on the energy package and soon on the transport package, the EU has a great opportunity to make sound choices to embrace modernity and take the best decisions so that this transition is done in the best possible way! 



Main findings of the report

  • The report shows that technical solutions alone - as ambitious as they are - will not be enough to bring the world to a 1.5 degree or a well below 2 degrees scenario. 
  • This is largely down to a lack of ambitious policies from the EU, but also from other developed countries. As a result, the global carbon budget has already been "eaten up" in such a way that deeper changes to our lifestyles and to land use patterns (agriculture/forest management) will have to be considered to respect the objectives of the Paris Agreement. 
  • Our scenario shows that the more we delay our actions, the less freedom we will have when making decisions on how to cut our emissions after 2030. The heads of states need to be reminded that this will also mean reducing the "freedom of choice" of EU citizens and businesses.
  • The next decade is de facto the decisive decade to make any 1.5 or well below 2 degrees scenario possible!


Read more details in our Initiates file downloadpress briefing (main findings of the report and key links with the ongoing legislative files) and in the Initiates file downloadPowerPoint presentation to the press.


(*) the first version was published 6 years ago, in February 2011.