13. Feb. 2013

For a bright, sustainable future

A Green way out of the crisis entails a comprehensive economic and social transformation that enables our societies to deliver prosperity, social justice and well being for all, while respecting the physical limits of our planet. This means promoting investment in order to transform our infrastructure and industries, boost education and innovation, strengthen social cohesion and protect our environment as well as our climate.


The Green Way Out Of The Crisis

04. Jun. 2013 blog

UN climate talks in Bonn. What role for the EU at the negotiation table?

Yesterday, negotiators reconvened in Bonn for another round of technical climate discussions that will last until 14th June. This time the key talking points of the meeting will focus on climate mitigation as well as on proposals on how to scale up renewable energy and energy efficiency policies...  

23. Oct. 2012 blog

2013 EU budget and MMF: the EU must show real vision and a clear strategy out of the crisis.

Today MEPs will vote on the Parliament����s position on the 2013 EU budget and the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for 2014-2020. In a time of crisis and serious difficulties for many European citizens, it is of crucial importance that Europe shows that it really has a long-term vision. Difficult times can also be seen as an opportunity to remedy all the economic issues that require solutions, for the better.  

28. Jun. 2012 blog

EU council: time for the EU leaders to endorse the green economy

Today and tomorrow, at the spring EU council meeting, European leaders are expected to agree on the European economic growth agenda, as well as discuss the EU budget for the years to come. Leaders are therefore under heavy pressure whilst simultaneously having a great opportunity to recognise the potential of early and effective climate action and make progress towards a green economy that will assist with economic recovery.  

13. Jun. 2012 blog

Save energy... save money!

Today, the EU institutions have their final `trialogue discussions` to try and strike a deal on the Energy Efficiency Directive. The Greens/ EFA group has already underlined all the benefits that the EU and its citizens could gain from an ambitious text.