Shale Gas

13. Feb. 2013

Together, let's ban fracking and shale gas before it's too late.

Shale gas is a form of unconventional gas, unconventional referring to the techniques used to extract the energy sources, not the sources themselves. It is made up of heavily compacted mud and clay, and is much less permeable than ordinary rock formations containing gas. To extract the gas that is trapped in shale, horizontal drilling techniques and hydraulic fracturing (also known as ����fracking����) are required. Fracking involves high-risk activities that can have a devastating impact on health and the local environment and has therefore already been banned by certain regions and Member Sates in the EU.


Shale Gas

28. Aug. 2012 video

Ban Fracking and shale gas in Europe before it's too late!

Shale gas, a form of unconventional gas found in shale reservoirs, is now presented as being the new solution to our world's growing energy needs. However, despite the fact that more and more big businesses are pushing for the development of shale gas accross the world, its production poses serious threats to the climate, the environment and to local communities. The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament joined by key European NGOs FOEE, F&W Europe and Heal want to shed light on all the irreversible impacts that could result from the development of this new energy source and call for a immediate ban on fracking and shale gas in Europe... and beyond.

28. Aug. 2012 video

Interdisons la fracturation hydraulique avant qu'il ne soit trop tard!

Le gaz de schiste est aujourd'hui présenté comme étant la nouvelle solution �� nos besoins énergétiques croissants. Cependant, si l'on constate que de plus en plus de grandes entreprises font pression pour le développement de cette nouvelle source énergétique dans le monde, sa production fait peser de très sérieuses menaces sur le climat et l'environnement mais également sur les communautés locales. Le groupe Verts / ALE au Parlement européen, soutenu par les ONGs européennes 'Friends of the Earth Europe', 'Food and Water Europe' et 'Heal', souhaite faire la lumière sur tous les impacts irréversibles qui pourraient découler du développement de cette nouvelle source d'énergie et appelle �� une interdiction immédiate de la fracturaction hydraulique et du gaz de schiste en Europe et au-del��.

23. Apr. 2012 blog

Let`s not frack it all up!

Despite on what is often said, shale gas is clearly not a solution to our ever growing energy needs and its development will even create more problems with dramatic consequences for the environment, health and safety and the climate....  

14. Sep. 2011 blog

Is shale gas really a bridge fuel to clean energy?

If shale gas is presented by certain countries as being a bridge fuel to clean energy, more and more researchers across the globe warn that it may have an even worse climate change impact than coal...