13. Feb. 2013

Nuclear energy is not the solution to climate change

The Greens/EFA group has always opposed nuclear energy and instead defended and promoted a decentralised and transparent energy-provision system that is based on energy efficiency and renewable energies. For the Greens, this model based on 100% renewable energy combined with energy efficiency is at the core of the third industrial revolution and is the only path towards a sustainable economy for all.



07. Mar. 2012 blog

Fukushima one year on: Lesson learnt?

A joint message from our two Greens/EFA Co Presidents & Co-chairs of the European Green Party  

28. Oct. 2011 studies

The European “Stress test” for Nuclear Power Plants

The first part of this study considers and analyses the “Stress test” specifications of the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group (ENSREG) for nuclear power plants in Europe. These “specifications” are the basis for the current investigations of the operators and the nuclear authorities of the member states. This study asks how far these investigations meet the requirement of the EU Council for a comprehensive risk assessment of the European Nuclear Power Plants (NPP). The second part of this study recommends measures to compensate the deficits discovered through the analysis in part one.  

27. Jul. 2011 webtools

"The Nuclear Waste Riddle"

The website contains detailed information on the nuclear waste situation in different European countries as well as in the USA and Russia. For each country, it is possible to see the exact location of nuclear waste sites, how much nuclear waste there is and where it is stored for the time being.  

10. May. 2011 blog

The first step for climate spoiled by a nuclear amendment

Last night the ITRE Committee voted on its position on the report from Green Rapporteur Bas Eickhout `Moving beyond the 20% target`. Despite some positive elements in the text, Yannick Jadot, the Green shadow rapporteur, explains why the Greens/EFA finally decided to vote against the opinion.