International Climate Negotiations

13. Feb. 2013

Working towards a fair and ambitious global Climate deal

The EU has a leading role to play in securing an international climate agreement under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The adoption of a negotiations roadmap at the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties meeting in Bali (COP13) in December 2007 paved the way for an international deal at the meeting of the COP15 in Copenhagen in December 2009. Regrettably, COP15 did not produce an agreement and the following COPs only managed to save the negotiation process, leaving the most pressing issue - namely the necessity for the world to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions so global warming can be limited to 2°C - completely aside.


International Climate Negotiations

05. Dec. 2011 blog

Durban- COP17: talks are heating up as the second week starts

Despite the fact that last week proceeded smoothly with positive progress on several technical aspects, this week ahead looks much busier...  

02. Dec. 2011 blog

Durban/ COP 17: First week of UN Climate Summit

The first week of the new UN climate summit is nearly over. The opening days have been reported by NGOs to be `sound` and `very smooth` but outcomes on the key items are still unpredictable...  

28. Nov. 2011 video

Europe's important role at the climate negotiations in Durban - Bas Eickhout

After the disappointing outcome of Copenhagen, Cancun took small steps to revive the climate talks. This year Durban must set a pathway to secure a global climate deal in 2015 at the latest. There are a myriad of outstanding issues in UN climate negotiations, which COP17 needs to take steps to resolve.

28. Nov. 2011 video

EU position in UN climate talks in Durban

Green MEP Bas Eickhout criticises the EU position adopted today for the UN climate talks in Durban. Europe has to take the lead and step up our climate commitments now if we have any hope of achieving the target of just 2 degrees celcius of warming.