International Climate Negotiations

13. Feb. 2013

Working towards a fair and ambitious global Climate deal

The EU has a leading role to play in securing an international climate agreement under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The adoption of a negotiations roadmap at the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties meeting in Bali (COP13) in December 2007 paved the way for an international deal at the meeting of the COP15 in Copenhagen in December 2009. Regrettably, COP15 did not produce an agreement and the following COPs only managed to save the negotiation process, leaving the most pressing issue - namely the necessity for the world to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions so global warming can be limited to 2°C - completely aside.


International Climate Negotiations

08. Dec. 2012 blog

Doha COP18: game nearly over?

It is seems like it is becoming a trend: Like COP17 in Durban, the climate talks went through the night and will certainly continue for some time before the final plenary takes place... If the final agreement is far from being reached yet, the enormous lack of ambition is already very clear...  

07. Dec. 2012 blog

Different planets in Doha

Green MEP Satu Hassi, official member of the Greens/EFA group in the delegation of the European Parliament in COP18, shares her personal impressions on the UN climate talks  

06. Dec. 2012 blog

COP18. ‘No more delays, no more excuses’

Doha, COP18, day 10. Things are still progressing at snail`s pace on the future Kyoto Protocol and on the two other LCA and ADP tracks. With only a day and a half left before the UN talks resume the Greens/EFA group urges the EU to stop procrastinating and show real leadership.  

06. Dec. 2012 video

Global climate justice! - Message to negotiators

Last day of COP18! The Greens/EFA group has asked several people in the conference center what they would like to tell to the climate negotiators. "Global climate justice!" Green MEPs Bas Eickhout, Sandrine Bélier and Satu Hassi together with some NGOs, the YOUNGO network and the Arab Youth Climate Movement, are calling for action and more climate equity!