Yes, a 100% renewable energy Europe is possible!


The Greens have been calling for substantial investment in renewable energy for years. Not only is this source of energy greener and safer, it is also infinite and is reduces our import dependency. What¡¦¡¦s more, it has already created half a million new jobs in the EU and could create even more in the future. In order to develop renewables further, long term objectives must be fixed in order to be able to make the specific and sound investments that are needed for the "energy revolution" to take place.

The Greens believe that a combination of improved energy efficiency and energy savings, an expansion of renewable energies, a reduction of the use of the dirtiest fossil fuels and the full internalisation of all external costs in the economy can succeed. The study they commissioned - 'the Vision scenario' - demonstrates that achieving a 100% renewable energy based economy by 2050 is possible.

Phasing-out nuclear power and meeting our climate change and energy security challenges are realistic and compatible goals for a safe and sustainable future. There are now a multitude of scenarios showing how Europe can have an economy based nearly 100% on renewable energy by 2050 if the right political decisions are taken now.