EU Climate Policy

13. Feb. 2013

The EU can and must be a climate leader

EU leaders have agreed to a binding target of a 20% reduction of carbon emissions levels by 2020 compared to 1990 levels. The EU is already on its way to achieving its climate target. The Greens/EFA group thus pushes the EU to increase its own domestic climate ambition and set itself a binding target of at least 30% by 2020. Such a decision would foster the green economy, incite investment in renewable energy sources and create green jobs. By raising its emissions target the EU would also strongly encourage the rest of the world to take further climate action and give some momentum to international climate discussions.



04. Jun. 2014 studies

Review of industry statements concerning the 'adverse effects' of European climate and energy policies

European industry claims that high energy costs and prices are the result of expen- sive and exaggerated environmental policies which ultimately affects Europe‚Äôs com- petitiveness. This paper will focus on the impacts of European climate and energy policies on the European steel industry. It will take real statements made by the industry as a struc- ture, and these will be evaluated using official statistics, market figures and studies.  

17. Mar. 2014 newsletter

NEWSLETTER ISSUE 73 - March 2014


19. Feb. 2014 newsletter



04. Feb. 2014 blog

New EU Energy and climate package - the EU must take climate scientific warnings and climate impacts seriously!

On January 9th, the environment and industry committees agreed on the necessity of three specific targets for the 2030 climate and energy framework: one for reducing greenhouse gases, one for increasing the share of renewable energy sources and one for energy saving. However the Commission President and the Commissioners simply decided to ignore the call. For the Greens, the proposals that were presented by the Commission on 22 January are poor and extremely worrying...