EU Climate Policy

13. Feb. 2013

The EU can and must be a climate leader

EU leaders have agreed to a binding target of a 20% reduction of carbon emissions levels by 2020 compared to 1990 levels. The EU is already on its way to achieving its climate target. The Greens/EFA group thus pushes the EU to increase its own domestic climate ambition and set itself a binding target of at least 30% by 2020. Such a decision would foster the green economy, incite investment in renewable energy sources and create green jobs. By raising its emissions target the EU would also strongly encourage the rest of the world to take further climate action and give some momentum to international climate discussions.



07. Jul. 2016 blog

Rule of King Coal in Europe comes at a high price for climate and health

Despite the Paris Agreement, King coal continues to rule across Europe. In a story published on 5 July 2016, French newspaper Le Monde reports on the daily struggles of people living in the coal heartlands of the Western Balkans.  

30. Jun. 2016 blog

The Carbon Bubble’s recognition in EU law: A divestment movement’s victory

This week we can celebrate a victory: For the first time the European Union has recognised the issue of the ‘carbon bubble’ in EU law, and this has come about thanks to the Greens.  

16. Jun. 2016 blog

Paris Agreement’s Ratification: Every Minute Counts

With the European Commission's proposal to ratify the Paris Agreement early, it is time for the EU Council to ensure the European Union doesn't get left behind.  

12. Apr. 2016 studies

Briefing - the brexit is a threat to the UK and the EU's climate diplomacy

Climate diplomacy is one of the best examples of the EU acting to enhance cooperation among its member states, and their collective voices on the global stage. On this particular file, the UK is clearly more influential as part of the EU than it would be on its own. A Brexit would seriously diminish its influence at international climate negotiations ....