27. Feb. 2013

The Arctic ice melt:

A wake up call, certainly not a business opportunity!

The EU has three (and with Iceland, potentially four) Arctic Council states amongst its members and maintains close relations with Iceland and Norway through the European Economic Area. The changes to the climate in the Arctic or any possible accident happening in the area will thus have a direct and major impact on coastal regions in Europe and on its climate-dependent sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, renewable energy, tourism and transport. The EU has a responsibility to protect this area and to encourage its other Arctic partners to jointly safeguard such a fragile region.



10. Apr. 2013 video

The Arctic melt

2012 saw a record loss of Arctic sea ice in the summer. Across the globe, an enormous number of scientists & experts from various organisations have warned about the unprecedented Arctic melt, a message which does not seem to have reached the majority of politicians...

10. Apr. 2013 blog

EU/ Arctic: Why the future EU legislation on offshore drilling put us all at risk

The European Parliament is to soon vote on a future EU directive on offshore drilling. The EU Energy Commissioner has previously promised to ensure that an accident such as Deepwater Horizon in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico would never happen in EU waters. But the draft legislation as it is fails to address the current gaps in EU rules on offshore exploration and does not ask for a moratorium on drilling in sensitive or extreme environments like the Arctic...  

20. Mar. 2013 newsletter

Climate campaign newsletter: Issue 62 - March 2013

Europe's own Deepwater Horizon disaster? +++ EU ETS - the EU should think of the interests of its citizens and new future-oriented businesses +++ Obama promises to make climate one of his top priorities in his second mandate +++ Investments in green technologies and businesses much safer +++ China wants compulsory insurance for polluting industries